Overcoming Addiction

Cincinnati Jewish Recovery conducts a weekly A.A.-style 12-Step meeting and class for Jewish alcoholics and addicts in recovery.

The group meets every Thursday (except on Jewish holidays) at 7:00 PM at The Arthur Schreiber Jewish Education Center, 1995 Section Rd., Golf Manor OH 45237. Cincinnati Jewish Recovery is a group of men and women who join together to support each other in the pursuit of recovery from alcoholism, addiction, and other related problems. The only requirements are: participation in a related Twelve-Step or other primary program (or the intention to do so) and a desire to recover. Our goal is to obtain and maintain recovery while integrating the spiritual Twelve-Step approach with a greater understanding and appreciation of our Judaism. For those interested in such a pursuit, we invite you to join us.


A young woman in recovery from alcoholism joins our Jewish Recovery/Twelve Step Group a week after leaving a detox/counseling residence program and three months after miraculously surviving a suicide attempt. She has attended our meetings and classes for one year along with her regular AA meetings. She is growing steadily in her recovery in her newfound Jewish recovery community.


Shabbos (Sabbath) and Holiday Meals

Participants are welcome to join us for Shabbos (Sabbath) and holiday meals. We hold special recovery meals generally once a month.

Contact us for more information: Rabbi@jewisheducate.org or 513.733.4400


Recovery Resources

Rabbi Karp would like to direct your attention to the following resources:


Jewish Recovery Center, Boca Raton FL