Children and Youth

JEEP’s first priority is Jewish children at risk and/or with special needs: Jewish children at risk include:

  • Children who are suffering from abuse or neglect
  • Children from impoverished and/or dysfunctional families
  • Children from homes with substance abuse

Although such kids face many challenges, introducing them to Jewish learning and Jewish life in a fun and friendly way often opens the door to a positive relationship with the entire family, laying the foundation for helping the children and their family in manifold ways.

Children from families with severe challenges have experienced dramatic changes in the quality of their social and academic life through attendance at Jewish camps and schools. JEEP made attendance possible by obtaining scholarships, facilitating transportation and promoting communication between the families and school or camp.


Children with special needs and learning styles

JEEP provides individualized instruction and innovative hands-on Jewish learning. Children with learning challenges attending public school, Hebrew school, and Jewish day schools have benefitted.

Typically, these children are failing, struggling in their present Jewish programs or unable to even enter such programs because of their particular challenges.

We help each child access the world of Jewish learning according to their unique needs and learning style.


Three young children whose mother faces mental health, financial and personal issues are learning for the first time what being Jewish is all about through fun and delicious Shabbos parties in their impoverished home.


Two children whose single mother was arrested for criminal negligence receive
Jewish education and support as JEEP works together with the family, the police
and other agencies.


Children that couldn’t succeed in Hebrew school because of learning disabilities, autism, and other challenges, enjoy their individualized lessons, preparing for their Bar Mitzvah or developing a knowledge and love of Jewish learning and life.